SSC launches Agile Procurement Process

SSC launches Agile Procurement Process

Agile Procurement 3

Shared Services Canada (SSC) has launched a new procurement approach to IT procurement. This simplified procurement process,  developed by SSC’s Centre of Expertise in Agile and Innovative Procurement, in collaboration with TECHNATION and in consultation with numerous vendors, makes competition for government contracts more accessible and inclusive for businesses of all sizes.
Vendors are engaged throughout the process, starting with the initial design of the solicitation and problem statement, ensuring that the government gets the best, most innovative proposals possible.

iPSS is excited to having actively participated in this new procurement process. As an Indigenous business, we are proud to support SSC with their commitments in their federal purchasing strategies to ensure Aboriginal Businesses are met with equal opportunities.
We are encouraged to see the commitment by SSC to continually engage with industry and the Agile Procurement process is a great example of this.
iPSS will continue to participate in SSC’s CoEAIP, and we look forward to seeing how this new way of procuring evolves. For more information on APP 3.0, read recent press release.


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