The task-based professional services supply arrangement (SA) is the mandatory methods of supply for the provision of task-based, non-informatics professional services at or above the Canada-Korea Free Trade Agreement (CKFTA) threshold. It covers 6 core areas of expertise that are commonly and nationally used: human resources services; business consulting/change management; project management; real property project management services; technical engineering and maintenance services (TEMS); and health services. Note that the health services stream is not part of the mandatory services categories, therefore it is not mandatory to use this method of supply to obtain those services.

iPSS is a TSPS SA Holder for the following streams and categories under TSPS SA# E60ZT-18TSPS/D:

  • 2.1 Business Analyst
  • 2.2 Business Continuity Consultant
  • 2.4 Organization Development Consultant
  • 2.6 Change Management Consultant
  • 2.7 Needs Analysis and Research Consultant
  • 2.8 Business Architect
  • 2.9 Statistical Analyst
  • 2.11 Information/Records Management/Recordkeeping Specialist
  • 2.15 Facilitator Consultant
  • 3.1 Project Administrator
  • 3.2 Project Manager
  • 3.3 Project Leader/Executive
  • 3.4 Project Planner
  • 3.6 Risk Management Specialist
  • 3.7 Procurement Specialist
  • 3.9 Project Monitor
  • 3.10 Technical Writer
  • 3.11 Communications Consultant
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