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ATIPXpress comprehensive guides and instructional videos will soon be available on our website!

These guides and videos will empower you to navigate the world of ATIPXpress with confidence.
Stay tuned for updates on the release date and access details.

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Proud Partners of OPEXUS - Introducing their groundbreaking software, ATIPXpress

Are you ready to transform your information request management processes? Experience firsthand the power of ATIPXpress. Together with OPEXUS, we’re empowering organizations to communicate effectively, redact efficiently, and comply with greater ease. Dive into the realm of efficient request management, streamlined redaction processes, and simplified compliance solutions with iPSS and OPEXUS.

iPSS Inc. is not only a highly esteemed reseller of ATIPXpress, but we have also engaged in a collaborative effort with OPEXUS to deliver an even more streamlined implementation service. Our services are meticulously crafted to meet the distinctive needs of the Canadian market, whether at the Federal, Municipal, or Provincial level. We have specifically tailored an implementation service for Canadian clientele, offering enhanced security zoning and installation within the Federal Government, as well as expert process mapping knowledge gleaned directly from the ATIP community.

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