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D3 Security’s Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) Platform is the foundation of the world’s most advanced security operations. The automated incident response and case management solution enables full-lifecycle incident management, relieving the pressure on analysts and SOCs, while helping organizations to rapidly remediate incidents and generate a comprehensive log of incidents and actions taken.

D3 integrates with an organization’s entire security infrastructure to intake alerts from SIEM, endpoints, firewalls, and other tools. All alerts are automatically enriched with contextual data from domain, reputation, malware, endpoint, and threat intelligence sources.

D3 excels at automated report capture, which supports the need for compliance and ensures that all actions are documented and will stand up in a court of law. Without a SOAR platform, the reporting and logging necessary to create a proper audit trail of an investigation is nearly impossible.

D3 has been a trusted partner to US manufacturers since 1999, and they will continue to partner with those that demand the best. You can find D3 Technologies at TeamD3.com and on all social media platforms.

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