Installation Specialist (Internal)

Core Responsibilities

  1. Interface with customers, iPSS, and partner staff to develop and implement product solution architectures in cloud and on-premise environments
  2. Work with customers to develop a high-level product architecture, including network security zoning, allocation of applications to servers, and allocation of computing resources to servers
  3. Work with customers to describe installation best practices and pre-requisites
  4. Maintain template checklists and installation build documentation
  5. Maintain an iPSS lab environment for internal ATIPXpress use
  6. Provide in-person or remote support to customers during customer-led installation and configuration of Opexus software
  7. Assist customers and partner specialists with technical support and troubleshooting
  8. Track and manage iPSS customer problems
  9. Assist with data mapping and migration activities using Microsoft Excel and SQL


  1. Working independently and with a team
  2. Ability to engage with multiple customers at once
  3. Planning and managing implementation tasks within a project plan
  4. Intermediate knowledge of Windows server administration
  5. Installing and configuring Windows Server roles and features
  6. Installing and configuring Microsoft SQL Server and executing SQL scripts
  7. Installing and configuring Microsoft IIS websites
  8. Installing and configuring virtual servers in an Azure cloud environment
  9. Configuring Active Directory service accounts
  10. Documenting network flows for firewall rules
  11. Placing services within a zoning model using ITSG-22 and ITSG-38
  12. Basic knowledge of PowerShell, JSON, and SQL
  13. Solid problem-solving, communication and interpersonal skills

If you are interested in applying for this position, please submit your resume and cover letter to

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