IT Security Vulnerability Analysis Specialist

Location: National Capital Region
Security Clearance: Secret Security Clearance

Core Responsibilities:

The responsibilities for the IT Security VA Specialist include, but not be limited to the following tasks:

-Review, analyze, and/or apply:

  • Threat agents analysis tools and other emerging technologies including privacy, enhancement, predictive analysis, VoIP, data visualization and fusion, wireless security devices, PBX and telephony firewall;
  • War dialers, password crackers;
  • Public Domain IT vulnerability advisory services;
  • Network scanners and vulnerability analysis tools such as SATAN, ISS, Portscan & Nmap;
  • Networking Protocols (HTTP, FTP, Telnet);
  • Internet security protocols such as SSL, S-HTTP, S-MIME, IPSec, SSH, TCP/IP, UDP, DNS, SMTP, SNMP;
  • Wireless Security;
  • Intrusion detection systems, firewalls and content checkers and;
  • Host and network intrusion detection and prevention systems – Anti-virus management.

-Identify threats to, and technical vulnerabilities of, networks;

-Conduct on-site reviews and analysis of system security logs;

-Collect, collate, analyze and disseminate public domain information related to networked; computer threats and vulnerabilities, security incidents and incident responses;

-Prepare and/or deliver IT Security threat, vulnerability and/or risk briefings;

-Completed tasks directly supporting the departmental IT Security and Cyber Protection Program;

-Develop and deliver training material relevant to the resource category; and

-Develop and implement monitoring activities and performance management.

Specialties could include but are not limited to: SSL,  S-HTTP,  HTTP,  FTP,  Telnet,  S-MIME,  IPSec,  X.400/X.500 Directory Standards, X.509 Certificate Protocols, TCP/IP, UDP, DNS, SMTP, and SNTP.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Required:

-A minimum of five years of cumulative experience in the last 10 years in conducting IT Security VAs.

-Possess one of the following professional certifications:

  • CISSP from (ISC)
  • CISSP / ISSEP from (ISC)
  • CISSP / ISSAP from (ISC)
  • CISSP / ISSMP from (ISC)
  • CISM from ISACA
  • Technical Certifications such as MCSE, Sun certified system
  • Administrator for Solaris
  • GIAC / Any Silver audit certification
  • GIAC / Any Gold audit certification
  • GIAC / Any Silver Sec. adm. certification
  • GIAC / Any Gold Sec. adm. Certification
  • CEH
  • CISA

If you are interested in this opportunity, please submit your résumé.

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