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Bromium Training in Ottawa

ipss partner Bromium is the pioneer and leader in virtualization-based enterprise security that stops advanced malware attacks.

ipss plans to host a 2 day training seminar (total of 12 hours) in partnership with Bromium on October 25th and 26th 2017. The training, held in Ottawa ON, will cover the following: Bromium’s Architecture, Security Overview, BEC Walkthrough, Security Principles with Isolation and Malware Demo, Deployment Best Practices, Roadmap Discussions, in parallel with hands-on practice (lab work).

Bromium converts an enterprise’s largest liability, endpoints and servers, into its best defense by combining their patented hardware-enforced containerization with a distributed machine learning Sensor Network to protect across all major threat vectors and attack types. Unlike traditional security technologies, like antivirus or sandboxing that rely on ineffective detection techniques, Bromium automatically learns and adapts to new attacks and instantly shares threat intelligence to eliminate the impact of malware.